Beauty Inspired by You

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Co-created thanks to a community of 60,000 women, Syster is the beauty brand that overturns stereotypes and gives life to a new concept of beauty: yours. Listening to your needs, desires and following your rhythm.


Our values

Imagine if there was a beauty brand that saw you as a collection of experiences, lifestyles and values instead of seeing you as a skin type or a hair type! Imagine 60,000 women who have voiced their needs, their desires. This is Syster: it puts you first, following your own rhythm. Syster is you: with every imperfect and beautiful characteristic, the essence of your state of being and your days.

What makes us unique?

Clean Formulas

Vegan and Cruelty Free, Free from Parabens and Slicons

Made in Italy

Short and 100% Italian supply chain from ingredients to packaging

Innovative Technologies

Science for sustainability

Quality without compromise

Affordable quality excellence

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