Frequently Asked Questions

Syster is a beauty & wellness brand co-created with a community of 60,000 women.
We've identified consumers' preferences through a detailed analysis, allowing them to express everything they dream of and look for in the perfect product.

Consequently, we defined formulas, main ingredients and fragrances to create products that are gentle on both the skin and the environment and that keep pace with womens' lifestyles and rhythms. At Syster, we don't define women according to skin or hair type; instead, we make sure to respect their needs and bring real and visible benefits to their beauty routine.

At Syster, every woman must be able to make her voice heard to create something unique, just like all of us.

The Smart line is designed for all those who juggle a thousand activities all day long: from the gym to volunteering to the office. The Smart line includes multifunctional and effective products created to optimise time without compromising on results. If you are looking for a simple and compact beauty routine for your hair and face, the Smart line is the one for you.

AHAs, or fruit acids, are organic molecules contained in certain fruits which make it possible to combat a dull complexion, exfoliate, illuminate and treat more mature skin. But that's not all; they are also allies for the hair and carry out a detangling and moisturising action, delivering shine to the entire length of the hair. In addition, we have enriched the formulas with essential oils, vitamins and a special alga that gives radiance and vitality to the skin.

There's no need to register before placing an order on the website. However, we recommend that you always register before placing an order to ensure that your purchase details

Deliveries are usually completed within 2-3 working days on the Italian peninsula and 3-4 days on the islands.Shipping may be delayed during periods of high traffic flow, such as Christmas, mid-August or in the event of closures due to COVID.

We work hard to bring you a perfect and high-quality product. However, if you receive a faulty product, we kindly ask you to send us an email at hello@systerbeauty.com, specifying the type of issue encountered by attaching one or more photos that clearly represents the defect. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible to explain how to return or exchange the product.

There is no minimum purchase amount; however, if you want to take advantage of free shipping, you must spend a minimum of € 50 on a single order.

You can pay with PayPal, Credit Card, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay.


Absolutely not! At Syster, we carefully formulate our products using natural active ingredients to offer you high quality, safe and allergen-free products.

No animals are harmed to test our products; we are completely Cruelty-Free!

You can find the complete INCI on each product page.

All our products contain a very high percentage of natural ingredients, varying from product to product. You can find the different percentages indicated on the containers and the product pages.

All our formulas are produced in Italy.

All our packaging is produced in Italy.

Absolutely! Our formulas are completely free of parabens, silicones and PEGs.


To ask questions, express doubts and opinions, you can contact us by email at hello@systerbeauty.com